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“Hi, I’m Mac Mackenzie with Coldwell Banker, and Mark, I just want to tell you thank you for all your assistance in the area of appraisal. You’ve been able to save us countless transactions throughout the last few years; and if anyone should want your services I would highly recommend they give you a call first with appraisal. Thanks!”

- Mac Mackenzie, Coldwell Banker

“I just want to give a shout-out to Mark Buhler, he is an appraiser that we thankfully, luckily, dealt with on a transaction and he’s extremely knowledgeable. I felt like I’ve been around the block several times and he taught me some new tricks which is hard to do. I would recommend anybody with any appraisal questions to run it by him, try to stump him. He has over 25 year’s experience and is extremely familiar with Orange County. Thank you!”

- Pam Etem, Keller Williams