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Mark Buhler is a State Licensed Certified Residential Appraiser at CMP Appraisals and has had over 25 years of experience in the Southern California area. As a speaker, Mark has related his knowledge to various real estate, law offices, and appraisal industries; his knowledge of local areas is second-to-none. In addition to his focused, personal service efforts, Mark extends his professional time and attention to making sure that the job is done well. He is not deterred by hard to price homes or difficult listings but makes it a point to explain the process and techniques of appraisals and stands behind his work.

Mark is available to both buyers and sellers to ensure that all parties involved have a realistic idea of the property value and that no one comes out feeling shorted. Even in a unique situation Mark is confident and happy to help.

CMP Appraisals is available for any of your appraisal needs, simply call and ask for Mark. You know you’re in great hands when you’re working this powerful team. So if you’re looking for local experts that will give you the service that you deserve, with credible & defensible appraisal reports, feel free to contact us at (949) 388-4943.

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